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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety is taking a new approach in trying to keep drunk drivers off the road tonight. That approach is called Twitter-shaming. Now some of you may have heard about the trendy LA restaurant that Twitter-shamed some of their would-be guests. People who had made reservations, but did not show up for them, were called out via the restaurant’s Twitter page. One tweet read: “Hi Kyle Anderson (323), I hope you enjoyed your GF’s bday and the flowers that you didn’t bring when you no-showed for your 815 res. Thanks.”

Tonight, the Department of Public Safety in St. Paul and Minneapolis will be broadcasting the names of anyone who is arrested for a DWI on Twitter. They are taking aggressive action now so as to prevent drunk driving during the summer months, when the most drunk driving accidents happen. This is the largest one-night DWI patrol that the twin cities have seen, with an expected 150 law enforcement squads expected to be on patrol for the cause. About one-third of Minnesota’s total deaths each year are due to drunk driving.

This is definitely a unique way to combat a very serious and deadly problem. Do you think it’ll work? I have high hopes. If you would like to follow the action (or hopefully lack of action) in the Land of 10,000 Lakes tonight, tweets can be found at the Twitter handle @MnDPS_OTS or by searching for using the hashtag #May10DWI.

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