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Reckless behavior on the roads can have devastating consequences. When drivers ignore speed limits and traffic signs, they are potentially putting other lives in danger. In my career, I have seen many horrible Washington car accidents caused by these reckless drivers.

Just this Monday, four people were sent to the hospital after a terrible speeding accident. The incident occurred on Highway 101 near the town of Quilcene.

Darleen Vasenda, 21, was driving in the northbound lanes when she lost control of her 1995 Toyota Tercel. As she drove through a curve, her vehicle spun out of control and went into oncoming traffic. The vehicle then struck and pulled out 50 feet of guard railing.

Unfortunately, four passengers suffered numerous injuries. Summer Peacock was taken to Harrison Medical Center with back, hand, and knee injuries. Ryan Baker was also taken to Harrison with rib fractures and a lacerated spleen.

Two other passengers, Maya-Anne Mclaughlin and Joseph Rogers, were airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. Mclaughlin was treated for facial lacerations and a broken arm, while Rogers received treatment for chest injuries and a collapsed lung.

We wish them all a full and quick recovery.

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