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Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Homicide | Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney

| Blog, In The News, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Deaths

Appalling Prison Sentence for Drunk Driver that Killed a Tow Truck Driver As an Issaquah wrongful death attorney, I have seen many accidents that resulted in life changing injuries for the victim and the driver who caused the accident. Drunk drivers cause too many fatal accidents and serious injuries and it is time to increase […]

Port Angeles Intentional Assault Auto Accident

| Blog, Personal Injury

In Washington State, there were 103,000 car accidents reported in 2009. Almost 35 percent resulted in an injury of someone involved, and 2,241 were considered to be serious injuries.  As a Kirkland auto accident lawyer in a Seattle injury law firm, I know that unsafe driving is a factor that results in serious auto accidents. […]

12 Year Old Boy Injured in Centralia Bicycle Accident

| Blog, Personal Injury

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I have handled many cases involving bicycle accidents. Sometimes it can be very difficult to see bicyclists, but the danger is compounded by the fact that so many people aren’t wary of the potential presence of someone riding a bicycle. Due to the lack of protection bicyclists have against […]

Bill Proposes New Washington State Drunk Driving Laws

| Blog, Personal Injury

Being a Seattle car accident attorney and Washington wrongful death lawyer I understand how deeply drunk driving affects our community. Drunk driving is the leading cause of fatal auto accidents across the nation and in Washington State it contributes to 48% of fatal car crashes. A new Bill has been proposed to help lower the […]

Alaskan Way Viaduct Closed For Earthquake Updates

| Blog, Personal Injury

Being a Bellevue personal injury attorney I am constantly trying to prepare people for serious auto accidents so they may attempt to prevent them—but still auto accidents are not predictable and no matter how hard you prepare you cannot stop the inevitable. Similarly, earthquakes are not predictable and are never truly safe, but you are […]

Yelm Man in Vehicle-Bicycle Accident | Lacey Injury Lawyer

| Blog, Personal Injury

  The United States has one of the worst driving records in the world, with 46,000 auto accident fatalities every single year. The roads are filled with drunk drivers, distracted drivers and all other kinds of negligent driving that make it dangerous to drive. Being an Olympia bicycle accident lawyer in a Bellevue personal injury […]

Port Townsend Fatal Work Accident | Everett Injury Lawyer

| Blog, Personal Injury

About 1,000 workers lose their lives from fatal work site accidents every year, and if the trend Washington State has seen this year continues we are looking at a dramatic increase in this number. This year already Washington State has seen 7 on the job fatalities.  As a Seattle work injury lawyer and Washington wrongful […]

South Dakota Crushes Texting While Driving Ban

| Blog, Personal Injury

Recently, our blog has seen a surplus of texting while driving stories, but as a Woodinville auto accident attorney and Bothell wrongful death lawyer it is my mission to end the senseless distracted driving habits that plague America. Sadly, the South Dakota government does not feel the same. In spite of listening to an hour’s […]

Texting While Driving Kills Woman | Olympia Injury Lawyer

| Blog, Personal Injury

Being a personal injury attorney, working on Washington wrongful death cases and severe Seattle car accidents, I decided to take a stand against texting while driving and started “Teens Against Distracted Driving” nearly 2 years ago. I have been speaking with schools and other groups since TADD began, but in spite of my efforts and the […]

7-Year-Old Boy Dies in Snoqualmie Pass Sledding Accident

| Blog, Personal Injury

Having worked as a Bellevue personal injury lawyer and Seattle wrongful death attorney for over a decade, I have seen far too many tragic accidents take away life from kids who had many great years ahead of them. As a father of two young boys myself, I know that children are always at risk of […]

What are the leading causes of injuries to children?

| Blog, Children & Minors Injuries

As a Seattle child injury lawyer, I understand that child injury cases are different from other personal injury cases because they present unique issues and can be devastating for the whole family. For example, a major way in which child injury cases differ from other personal injury cases is the fact that a parent or […]

Texting While Driving Kills Infant | Everett Injury Lawyer

| Blog, Personal Injury

A Bremerton car crash that claimed the life of 6-month-old child has been ruled another senseless case of texting while driving. Being a Tacoma auto accident lawyer I remember the accident as it happened October 6th 2010 on northbound State Route 303 by Riddle Road in Bremerton. The Williams family was stopped at a red […]