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Facial Fracture Injuries

| Blog, Personal Injury

For the most part, airbags do their job in protecting the driver and passenger of a vehicle, but can sometimes cause severe facial trauma. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have seen a lot of accidents lead to head injuries that can seriously disfigure the face. There is not always something that an innocent […]

Femur Fracture Injuries

| Blog, Personal Injury

It is often easy to forget just how dangerous it can be to drive, but after spending a decade working I see the results of this danger every day. Studies show that 28% of people involved in an auto accident sustain minor to moderate injuries. That is equivalent to over 1.6 million people per year! The […]

Lumbar Radiculopathy

| Personal Injury

A large part of my job is to understand serious injuries and the typical recovery process to make sure my clients get the help they need. I have seen some devastating injuries throughout my career as a Seattle personal injury attorney, and some of the worst have been sustained in the lower spine. In high impact […]

Femur Fracture | Redmond Personal Injury Attorney

| Blog, Personal Injury

Due to the strength of the bone, a femur fracture is not very common. I have seen that the most common cause of this rare injury is a high speed auto accident. As the longest, strongest and heaviest bone in the human body, only a force of great magnitude can cause a femur to fracture. […]

Bi-Malleolar Ankle Fracture

| Blog, Personal Injury

As a Burien personal injury attorney, I have seen the damage that a serious auto accident can have on the lower body. When a high speed accident disfigures a vehicle and traps an ankle, or directs force upon it in any way, the result may be a bi-malleolar ankle fracture. This injury is much more […]

Hip Arthroplasty

| Blog, Personal Injury

I have seen many injuries occur in parts of the body that most people do not even consider when they think about auto accidents. One of these areas is the hip. While seat belts do a lot of good in preventing most hip injuries, some accidents are bad enough to cause serious damage to the […]

Ruptured Patella Tendon Injury Exhibit

| Personal Injury

The majority of personal injuries I have seen from auto accidents are in the upper body. However, while lower body injuries are rare, they can be devastating. One of the most painful injuries that can result from a car crash is a ruptured patella tendon. As the link between the tibia and patella (shin and […]

Disney Battles Texting While Driving| Kent Auto Accident Lawyer

| Blog, Personal Injury

Working in a Bellevue personal injury law firm as a Kirkland auto accident attorney and knowing the dangers of distracted driving, it shocks me how big the texting while driving epidemic is becoming.  In the last decade the number of cell phone users has risen exponentially, in 2000 there were 97 million cell phone users, in […]

Shoulder Dislocation

| Blog, Personal Injury

Many young children and athletes have experienced a shoulder dislocation just from day to day activities. I have seen auto accidents dislocate this very important joint as well. The shoulder moves in all directions because of its unique construction. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint composed of three bones: the collarbone (clavicle), shoulder blade […]

Cervical Radiculopathy

| Personal Injury

Being a Kirkland personal injury lawyer and that has worked on many Seattle auto accident cases, I have come to the realization that every part of the body can be affected in a severe auto accident. The worst injuries, however, occur to the brain and spinal column which can lead to severe pain, disability and in […]

Whiplash Injuries

| Personal Injury

After working for several years as an Issaquah car accident lawyer, one of the most common injuries I have seen my clients suffering from is whiplash. Whiplash is a common injury to the ligaments, tendons and muscles in the neck and can occur in even minor auto accidents where there is little to no damage to […]

Cervical Disc Herniation

| Blog, Personal Injury

After spending a decade as a Lynnwood auto accident lawyer, working with victims of serious auto accidents I have seen the toll one of these auto accidents can take on your back and neck. The sudden impact on an auto accident puts a lot of strain on your neck, back and spinal column and can […]