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Why Slip-And-Fall Cases May Be Challenging to Win

| Personal Injury

Premise liability lawsuits are generally associated with slip-and-fall cases. However, despite their prevalence and the substantial harm they cause victims, slip-and-fall cases are challenging to win. When these types of accidents occur, they are often the cause of a negligent property owner or manager. Negligence can mean that they failed to warn visitors about wet, […]

What to Do Immediately After a TBI From a Pedestrian Accident in Washington

| Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries, Pedestrian Accidents

Avoid jeopardizing your personal injury claim

Closed head or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can impact the skull at the cellular level during a pedestrian accident. The sudden push and pull movement of the brain within the skull can tear and disrupt the structures that support healthy brain function. Like all injuries, brain injuries can range in severity. Unfortunately, because a TBI […]

What Are Examples of Serious Personal Injuries in Washington?

| Personal Injury

Getting into an accident that results in a serious personal injury is a life-altering experience. Serious personal injuries are those that result in serious risk of death, disfigurement, or the loss of or the impairment of a limb or organ. Serious personal injuries can result from a wide range of reasons, some of which will […]

Top 5 Signs Your Insurance Company Is Offering a Lowball Settlement

| Personal Injury

Top 5 Signs Your Insurance Company Is Offering a Lowball Settlement

When you are injured in a car accident, you are suddenly confronted by many challenges. You have to juggle coordinating time off from work, transportation to and from medical appointments, and figuring out how much your health insurance will cover. In addition to all these hassles, you still have to manage your normal day-to-day responsibilities […]

Auto Accident In Federal Way Gives Woman Permanent Injuries

| Car Accidents, News, Personal Injury

A woman was permanently injured following an auto accident in Federal Way. Unfortunately, we help people every day who experience this same tragedy. Fortunately for Michelle G, however, she called the right place. Our expert car accident lawyers in Federal Way knew what to do, and fought hard on Michelle’s behalf. The driver who hit her didn’t […]

Bike Safety Tips For Riding Season

| Bicycle Accidents, Personal Injury

bike safety tip

There are always more bicyclists on the road when the weather gets warm and sun starts shining on a regular basis. Bicycling, while a convenient and environmentally-friendly commuting option, also has some challenges – especially when sharing the road with drivers. Here you will find important bike safety tips and reminders about how to stay […]

PTSD Symptoms and Treatment After an Accident

| Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Other Injuries, Pedestrian Accidents, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Vehicle Accidents, Washington Auto Accident

PTSD symptoms after an accident

In recent years, mental health has become mainstream in the news. The media is giving more attention to those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Where do these thoughts and feelings come from? As mental health gets more attention, psychiatrists have developed assessment tools and care plans to help fight the battle for […]

Dog Bite Complications

| Dog Bites, Personal Injury

Dogs are “man’s best friend,” but those dogs aren’t always friendly to strangers.  85-90% of reported animal bites in the United States are from dogs.  According to CDC (Center for Disease Control) data, dog bite complications are the leading causes of nonfatal emergency department visits for the 5-9-year-old age group, in the United States in […]