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Seattle Drivers Among the Very Worst in the Nation

Seattle drivers

Are Seattle drivers among the worst in the nation? A national best drivers report from Allstate may have us questioning our driving habits. Out of the 200 largest cities in the nation, Seattle is ranked No. 184 in accident frequency in the last year. Really? Only 6 cities have more accidents per capita than us. […]

Why can’t I gather my own records?

The aftermath of an accident is a trying, stressful time. Sometimes you will feel like you have to do something, anything, be useful in moving your case forward. When it comes to obtaining your own medical records, however, we advise our clients to leave that to us. There are a couple reasons for this. 1) […]

Who Do I See For Medical Treatment After an Accident?

One of the most important distinctions between law firms is how they refer clients to medical providers. How and why a law firm recommends its clients receive treatment can tell you a lot about how much they have your best interests at heart, and how much they understand the strategy insurance company lawyers will use […]

Can I get the lost value in my car back?

Most property damage claims are settled based on, among other factors, market value of the repaired vehicle. However, as you’d suppose, if your vehicle is repaired, it’s worth considerably less than before the accident. The difference between what your vehicle was worth before the accident, and what it was worth after the accident, is called […]

What if I am in an accident and do not have car insurance?

All drivers should have insurance coverage. It’s the law in nearly every state, and the legal and financial consequences of driving without insurance are severe. It is without a doubt in your best interests to purchase insurance. If you have questions about how to get the best possible coverage within your budget, we are happy […]

Do I Have To Use My Own Insurance?

Let’s assume you were in an accident, and you and the other driver both have insurance. You have two options: You can make a claim with the other driver’s insurance, or you can make a claim with your own. Which one do you choose? The answer is: Either one. You are not required to use […]

Will my insurance rates go up after an accident?

If you were not found at fault in the accident, your insurance rates will not go up. You are protected under Washington State law from having your insurance rates raised due to someone else’s negligence. You will also not have your rates raised if you use your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to take care […]

Why must I sue the other driver in my car accident trial?

When we take a case to trial, one question our Vancouver and Washington state clients typically ask is, “Why am I suing the other driver? Why can’t I sue their insurance company instead?” The answer is a bit complicated. Legally, you will never sue the insurance company. It is against the law in Washington State […]