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Why must I sue the other driver in my car accident trial?

| Personal Injury

When we take a case to trial, one question our Vancouver and Washington state clients typically ask is, “Why am I suing the other driver? Why can’t I sue their insurance company instead?” The answer is a bit complicated. Legally, you will never sue the insurance company. It is against the law in Washington State […]

How much will I get if I win my car accident case?

| Car Accidents, Personal Injury

In our experience helping victims of auto accidents, most people seeking our services want to know one thing: How can I get better from my injuries? In any personal injury case, the client’s foremost responsibility is always to attend appointments with doctors, do prescribed treatments, and rest and relax. We occasionally have the client who […]

Video: What are potential problems with my personal injury case?

| Personal Injury

People who come to see me after they’ve been in an accident often have at the top of their mind the potential problems with their personal injury case. There are a few things that are giant red flags if an insurance company sees them, and they’re red flags because if we have to go all […]

How to heal from a ruptured patellar tendon injury

| Other Injuries, Personal Injury

Images are provided by:Med Legal Visuals Though patellar tendon injuries are often associated with physical activities like running and jumping, they are one of the most common lower-body injuries that result from car accidents. They can be bad, or they can be worse. The kneecap (patella) is connected to the top of the shin bone […]

What are the safest cars of 2014?

| News, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

Image via While the past few years have seen a spike in new car-safety technology, it is getting increasingly tough for cars to break into the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Picks category. Cars faced the strictest safety standards ever tested in 2014 when the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated its […]

Video: What is the process of a personal injury case?

| Personal Injury

What is the process of a personal injury case? A personal injury case has many steps but the very first step is when someone is injured. While someone is injured, they’re in what is called the treatment phase of a case. That means you’re getting medical treatment for your injuries, you’re going to the doctor, […]