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New Device Measures BAC Using Your Smartphone | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

Alcohoot. It’s a cool name, and an even cooler concept. So what is it? Alcohoot is ‘the world’s first enforcement-grade smartphone breathalyzer.” Basically, you take the Alcohoot and plug it right into your smartphone. Not only is it’s design functional, it’s pretty nice-looking too. But the main thing is, it was made to help you […]

Furloughs on the Horizon for Civilian Employees on Joint Base Lewis-McChord | Seattle Employment Attorney

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Tacoma, may have some tough times ahead. With massive federal spending cuts on the horizon, the base is preparing itself for some big changes. Colonel Donald Goode runs the Madigan Army Medical Center’s pharmacy department, which could very well be one of the victims of cuts. Cooke and his employees serve […]

Oregon Works to Lessen Secondhand Smoke Exposure for Children | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

Formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. Those are just a few of the 250 cancer-causing or toxic chemicals that the Surgeon General reports are in secondhand smoke. It’s no wonder that Oregon lawmakers have voted to make smoking in cars with children illegal in the state. On Wednesday, the Senate voted 19-10 […]

The Fierce Competition for Financial Aid | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer

A lot of college students experience frustration when it comes to applying for financial aid. The forms are long and tedious and sometimes the payout is less than satisfactory. Especially for those in the middle class, who aren’t quite qualified for big payouts, but whose families take a notable financial blow when sending their kids […]

Washington Job Numbers Startle Economists | Seattle Employment Attorney

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that Washington State added 24,000 jobs in the month of January alone, and most would say, “Hey, that’s great news!” Instead, economists are saying, “Really?” That number, while very impressive, is also unrealistic. Experts with the state employment Security Department claim that Washington hasn’t seen job growth […]