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New Device Measures BAC Using Your Smartphone | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

| Blog, Car Accidents, In The News, Personal Injury

Alcohoot. It’s a cool name, and an even cooler concept. So what is it? Alcohoot is ‘the world’s first enforcement-grade smartphone breathalyzer.” Basically, you take the Alcohoot and plug it right into your smartphone. Not only is it’s design functional, it’s pretty nice-looking too. But the main thing is, it was made to help you […]

19% of Teens Think Drinking and Smoking Improves Their Driving | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

| Blog, Car Accidents, Children & Minors Injuries, In The News, Personal Injury

Let’s face it. When we were teenagers, we all thought we were invincible. We did some pretty stupid stuff that we can look back on and laugh about now. But 23% of teens do something really stupid that isn’t very laughable – they drive while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs (used […]

98% of Adults Know Texting While Driving is Unsafe | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Blog, Car Accidents, In The News, Teens Against Distracted Driving

It’s easy to point fingers when it comes to something like texting and driving. We find it simple to just blame “teenagers these days”, as it seems their heads are almost always buried in their fancy phones, their fingers practically glued to keyboards. But a new AT&T study reveals that teenagers are not the guiltiest […]

Don’t Park in that Spot | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Blog, Car Accidents, In The News

Living in Seattle, we’re used to being surrounded by the “green movement”. Maybe you’re even a major contributor: do you bike to work, compost and/or wear hemp clothing? We are the Evergreen State, so it makes sense that there are over 2,500 people that own electric vehicles here. They are some of the most sustainable, […]