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What Are Likely Outcomes of a T-bone Accident in Washington?

Side-impact collisions, or “T-bone” car accidents, can occur to just about anyone. These collisions can be scary and can often result in severe injury or fatality. A street intersection is the most common location of a collision like this, and it can catch the driver unexpectedly. T-bone car accidents account for 23% of vehicular passenger […]

3 Safe Driving Tips for Driving on Snowy Roads in Washington

The snow in Washington state can be as enchanting as it is deadly. When you take to the roads this winter, make sure you have done everything you can to protect yourself and your passengers from slips, slides, and other roadway accidents. This includes decking out your own car with safety equipment but also driving […]

Steps to Take Immediately after a Motorcycle Crash

Steps to Take Immediately after a Motorcycle Crash

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting activity, but certain dangers exist for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists should know what to do after a motorcycle accident in Washington. Anyone involved in the accident, especially the motorcyclist, should seek medical attention immediately. In addition, motorcyclists should avoid making a statement to a claims adjuster, signing any releases, […]

What to Know Before Signing a Release from the Insurance Company

What to Know Before Signing a Release from the Insurance Company

Each year, nearly 6.8 million car accidents are reported across the United States. For the victims of these accidents, their lives are completely changed in a matter of seconds as they try to understand what their next steps should be. In the days following a damaging car accident, victims may be feeling overwhelmed as they […]

Federal Way Resident T-Boned In Auto Accident

Premier Law Group is proud to have helped Forrest R after he was injured in an auto accident. Forrest was driving to his home in Federal Way from Puyallup when he was T-boned. Not only did his injuries hinder his daily life, but Forrest was getting tough resistance from the insurance company. Good thing Forrest […]

Head On Collision In Bellevue Leads To $235,000 Settlement

Premier Law Group is proud to fight on behalf of the people of the Seattle and Bellevue area. Jason and the team were all born and raised right here in Washington, and are dedicated to helping fellow Washingtonians. Recently, we helped another Bellevue local named Andrew S. in receiving a $235,000 settlement for his head […]