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Traveling this Christmas? Stay Safe With These Holiday Travel Tips

| Car Accidents, Washington Auto Accident

For most people, the holidays are a mix of the joy of family, presents, and time off with the stress of travel. On the days just before Christmas, as people rush to buy presents and travel to visit with family members, the roadways can be more dangerous than on the days surrounding Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to a recent study. To reduce your risk while on the roads this year, here are some potential risks to avoid.

Whiplash: Causes and recovery after an auto accident

| Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can occur in a car accident. A study by European doctors found that whiplash can occur in collisions at speeds as low as 10 mph or less. One in five victims of rear-end car accidents experience whiplash, making it one of the most common auto accident injuries. Find out what you need to know about recovering from a whiplash injury.

Rhode Island Takes New Approach to Texting and Driving | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Car Accidents, News, Personal Injury, Teens Against Distracted Driving

The state of Rhode Island has decided to take texting and driving penalties to a new level – license suspension. The Ocean State’s General Assembly has added driver’s license suspension to its possible punishments for drivers who are caught texting while behind the wheel. The change means that traffic tribunal judges can now substitute license […]

Distracted Semi Driver Crashes Rig, Backs Up Traffic | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Car Accidents, News, Vehicle Accidents, Washington Auto Accident

It’s unnerving enough knowing that people in smaller cars are driving while distracted, but to know that some semi truck drivers are as well is even more unsettling. One truck driver’s actions this morning ruined the Tuesday commute for hundreds of people. The accident happened just after 7 AM this morning on I-405 southbound near […]